About Monique

Monique Foster.

Contemporary. Poetic Worship.

Raised in a large musical family, Monique developed a passion for poetry and songwriting over the years. Her family’s love for creative expression through art, music, poetry and literature gave her confidence to start writing songs at a young age. She soon found that she loved weaving melodies and words together and a great many songs followed. May the songs go out like rain on dry ground, and may they reveal more of our Good Shepherd, and bring glory to the Creator who inspires our gifts.

Monique works at Creare Training Centre in Bloemfontein, South Africa, as a music lecturer where her passion for songwriting and worship has been kindled over the last 13 years. She also serves at Our Father’s Home Church as part of the ministry and worship teams.

Through her connection with Gregor Zelder of Heaven’s Royal Records in Mondsee Austria, Monique has been able to take songs that have been a part of her life for many years and translate them into well produced music that can be enjoyed on any music streaming service.

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